Table of Contents and Text

The War and the Bible. Nicholas The Serbian (Velimirovich)


Introductory talk
Babylon is in danger
The dispute about the war
What are the causes of a future war?
Cain, where is Abel thy brother?
The Lord is my banner
Debauchery at war brings unhappiness
Looting in war leads to defeat
Seven sentenced to death
Deserved slavery
The Book Of Judges
What determines the liberation from slavery?
The sins of superiors are the cause of war and destruction
The books of kings and Chronicles
The worthy chiefs in the state of peace and war victory
The union with the evil brings evil
The weapon does not help…
As more army is defeated less
What are therefore the causes of a future war?
Who will win in a future war
The fulfillment of the prophetic words about the wars
The gospel and war

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